Stand for sanitary ceramics casting

The production is carried out by the method of casting a slip (water-diluted mixture of clay and silicon) in plaster molds.

The main units:

  • Welded frame made of painted profile metal pipes
  • Lifting mechanism
  • Rolgang
  • Cooling fans
  • Slurry line
  • Water supply

Drying Cameras


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Are used for drying cast ceramic products on the stand. Drying is carried out in a convective way at the temperature  + 65 ° C.

The main nodes are:

  • Welded frame made of colored profiled metal pipes (insulated with sandwich panels)
  • Six sectional doors with manual opening
  • Lifting mechanism
  • Air distributor

Glazing manipulator

Designed for glazing the interior surfaces of sanitary ceramics.

The main nodes are:

  • Welded frame made of profile stainless pipes
  • The electromechanical actuator manipulates the product
  • Diaphragm pump
  • Magnetic separator
  • Control panel

Glazing camera

Designed for glazing the exterior surfaces of ceramic products.

The main nodes are:

  • Welded frame made of profile corrosion-proof pipes, sheathed with corrosion-proof sheet
  • The turntable
  • Two containers for glaze
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