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Welding tables are unique assembly systems designed for welding of the same type designs and non-standard configuration designs. Steel mounting table provides a large capacity, resistance to damage and corrosion. It is durable and steady, easily positioned and holds all the parts together.

With the help of various clamps and fasteners the necessary configuration for the fixation of the structure is selected. Table for welding is one of the main pieces of equipment in the industrial metalworking shops.

Mesh holes with a diameter of 28 mm, the linear marking allows you to install the workpiece quickly and accurately.

The use of welding tables and welding tables’ equipment greatly simplifies the complexity and accelerates the process of preliminary assembly and welding, reduces the possibility of errors and defects during welding.


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Welding tables prodused by JSC TEMP Plant are made exclusively of high quality heat-resistant materials, which increases the reliability of the workplace and high productivity. The convenient table of the welder is a guarantee of its high-quality and fast work.

Mounting plate without supportsMounting plate with standard supports, H = 650 ± 30 mmMounting plate with roller supports, H = 750 mmMounting plate with adjustable supports, H = 700-1000 ± 30 mmNumber of supports, pcs.Table weight with supports, kg
Dimensions, LxBCode for orderMAX load, kgCode for orderMAX load, kgCode for orderMAX load, kgCode for order

Welding tables of our production are represented by 3 types of supports:

  • standard
  • with roller and stopper
  • height adjustable

Welding-mounting tables are equipped with five working sides. The upper work surface is a 24-26 mm steel plate with a mesh of 100 x 100 mm holes, a diameter of 28 mm and 4 sides with a diagonal mesh of 200 mm each. This design allows to expand the possibility of clamping diagonally. The working part of the plate is an all-welded 09G2C steel worktop.

For convenience, 100 mm grid lines are drawn on the table surface. The stiffening ribs reinforce the design of the tables. The main advantage of this grille is that no metal drops stick to the surface during welding, so it is easier to keep the surface clean. Tables are intended for work with heavy designs, weighing up to 3 – 4,5 t. The maximum size of a table is 3000 * 1500 mm.

3D tables provide the convenient, safe and thoughtful workplace for small and medium-sized production.

Our staff will offer you layout tables from which you can assemble a welding table of the right size. Also, we will help you to choose

welding tables’ equipment for each specific welding case, from our catalogue.

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