Pipes are laid prior along the route

Pipelayer №1 with installed diesel hydrostation (diesel power plant) and the machine of preparation of edges connected to it, goes in front of the welding column, preparing the edges of the pipes on both sides. The edges are provided with technological treatment other than the factory one, as well as cleaning of the ends from contamination and rust.

A guide belt for welding heads is fitted to the tubes with prepared edges according to the pattern.

Pipelayer №2 raises the prepared pipe to the "thread" at a distance of 1 m

The operator of the clamp activates the movement and places the clamp’s boom in the pipe held by the pipe stacker. The clamp moves to the joint and automatically stops in the immediate vicinity of the pipe end. The operator places the clamp exactly on the end face and squeezes the back row of clamping units. The clamp is fixed in the “thread”. Pipelayer feeds the pipe, there is an assembly of the joint, the installation of the necessary intervals in the circle of the joint and the front row of the clamping units.

The main welding unit installs the welder cover on the joint. Welders in the tent place on the guide belt welding heads and carry out welding of the root passage of the seam. If necessary, technological (hot) passage is also made.

After welding the root, the clamping units are compressed and the clamp moves to the next joint. The main welding unit raises the tent above the pipe and moves behind the clamp. The tent of the next welding unit is installed at the joint with the welded root and welding of the first filling passage is carried out, etc. The last unit welds the facing seam. The number of welding units with welding posts depends on the thickness of the pipe wall.


Welding post as a part of:

  • welding unit – 1 pc.
  • welding tent – 1 pc.
  • welding head – 2 pcs.

The number of welding posts depends on the thickness of the pipe wall (an average of 3 to 5).
Pipe Facing Machine (PFM) – 1pc. (+1 backup).
The internal hydraulic self-propelled clamp – CVRS – 1 pc. (+1 backup). The number of guide belts corresponds to the number of welding posts + 4 pcs. Pipelayers are provided by the customer.

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