The line up clamp is a hydraulic self-propelled machine. It is intended for assembly of 1020 – 1420 mm diameter tubes for further welding in a string. The centerin mechanism corrects out-of-roundness and ensures the alignment of pipe ends. Thermal-expansion compensation controls the clamping force.


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  • expansion force up to 300 tnf
  • power storage while welding
  • full charge time ˂ 3,5 min
  • self-propelled travel in the pipe – no cables
  • up to 24 m distance is covered on a single charge at an average speed of 0,8 m/s
  • up to 12° grade capability
  • precise joint fitting
  • thermal-expansion compensation system
  • out-of-roundness correction of pipe ends
  • forced release of clamping units when sticking while welding
  • remote control allows to work with pipes 24 meters long
  • radio control is optional
  • convenient charging connection
  • anti-spin system prevents rotation in pipe
  • rubber wheels protect pipe internal coating
  • automatic stop at the pipe end
  • two rows with 14-22 clamping units in each
  • аlternating segments
  • hold and cold welding pass of the bath’s root joint
  • comes with the clamp
Pipe diameter, mm (inch)1020 -1067 (40-42)1220 (48)1420 (56)
Pipe thickness, mm (inch) 12-39 12-3912-39
Qty of clamping units in one centering row, pc. 14/14 18/1822/22
Clamping force, tfДо 200 До 250До 300
Clamping time, s666
Unclamping time, s444
DC voltage, V484848
Min radius of curve, pipe diameter141414
Working tempetatures, °C-40 – +50-40 – +50-40 – +50
Length (w/o the reach rod), mm390039003900
Diameter, mm88011801290
Weight (w/o the reach rod), kg280032004000
Weight of the reach rod,kg110110110
Length of the reach rod, mm240002400024000
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