Pipe facing machine is intended to prepare and form edges before welding during construction and repair of main pipelines in the field, as well as their usage  in the structure of the BPS-142B pipe welding bases.

  • from industrial power grids, including from diesel generators or welding units
  • from a portable diesel or electric power plant.
  • allows the operator to control the machining of the end face all around the circle and to be at some distance from the working machine

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PFM in operation

CharacteristicsPFM 05-06PFM 07-08PFM 10-12PFM 12-14
Pipe diameter, mm530, 609, 620711, 720, 8201020, 1067, 12201220-1420 (48-56)
Thickness of pipe, mm (inch)10-3010-3012-3912-39
Brand steel pipesAPI 5L to X80API 5L to X80API 5L to X80API 5L to X80
Feed rate of the faceplate, mm/rev0,1-0,2 (adjustable)0,1-0,2 (adjustable)0,1-0,2 (adjustable)0,1-0,2 (adjustable)
Max. stroke of the faceplate, mm90909090
Hydraulic system pressure, MPa (kg/cm2)12 (120)12 (120)12 (120)12 (120)
Number of tufts in a row, pcs.8/810/1016/818/9
Number of calipers, pcs.3466
The shape of the pipe edgeanyanyanyany
Length, mm300300031003100
Width, mm1200130016651825
Height, mm1500161019802065
Weight, kg2500300037004100
Power input, kW22253535
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