The welding unit AC-45 is intended for providing welding works during construction and repair of main pipelines. The unit is designed for the installation of 4 welding rectifiers Idealarc DC-400 company “Lincoln Electric” (as standard). The design allows the use of a wide range of welding equipment, depending on the welding technology used by the customer.
The power of welding rectifiers and various auxiliary equipment is supplied by a 100 kW synchronous generator.


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  • as standard, 4 Lincoln Electric DC-400 welding current sources are installed
  • the type and number of sources may vary
  • manipulator fully controlled from the tractor cab
  • has a hydraulic lift/lower drive to facilitate the replacement of cylinders
  • designed to accommodate 6 cylinders with process gas
  • has parameters: 3×380 V, 50 Hz, 100 kW
  • supplies power to welding rectifiers and accessories
  • the generator is rotated by means of the base tractor engine
  • engine optimized mode – rated rpm at 1,500 min. – 1
  • allows the operator to control the unit without leaving the tractor cab
  • provides control of the parameters of the generated electricity
  • floodlights to illuminate the place of work at night
  • electrode incandescent furnaces
  • grinder
  • plasma cutting device
  • air conditioning
  • the rest
TractorKTA 200KTA 33116ХТЗ 181ТТ-4МMST Morooka
Power supplytractor enginetractor enginetractor enginediesel generatordiesel generator
Generator power, kW100100100100100
Number of welding posts44444
Welding current, A400400400400400
Arc voltage, V3636363636
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