The line is intended for surface preparation (degreasing) and application of zinc plating (galvanzation) on steel fasteners, cases and other parts with rainbow or blue passivation.

The auto-operator line provides machining of parts both in plating drums and suspensions.


Please contact us to receive a consultation and get a quote based on your individual case +38 (067) 381-62-52

  • made of polypropylene f. SIMONA, Germany
  • extrusion welding
  • portal
  • 2 speed
  • capacity up to 300 kg
  • made of polypropylene
  • modern design
  • made of chemical resistant plastics
  • apparatus f. WATEK, Czech Republic
  • modern
  • air-cooled
  • metal frame
  • ladder service
  • auto portal operator
  • set of technological baths
  • control box and electro-automation
  • exhaust ventilation system
  • system of inlet and drain pipelines
  • power supplies for plating baths
  • filter apparatus
  • oil collector for degreasing baths
  • chamber drying for suspensions
  • plating drums, suspension brackets (custom)
  • screw or centrifuge drying (on request)
  • suspension trolley
  • Complete with the line it is possible to supply the Complex of equipment for local sewage treatment
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