Baths of the bell type are intended for galvanic coating on small details.

How it works

The actuator is switched on and off via the control panel. To hang the anodes, the tub is provided with two anode rods. Details intended for coating are loaded onto the tray into a bell that is immersed in the electrolyte, then the actuator is switched on. Power to the anodes and cathodes is supplied from a stationary rectifier. Upon completion of the coating process, the actuator is switched off, the bells are lifted by the handle and their contents are unloaded into the workshop technological container. To remove harmful vapors from the surface of the bath solution provided side pump.


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Volume of the bell, l30
Maximum load of parts in the bell, kg, no more15
Bore perforation diameter, mm2,5
Speed, rpm15
Drive motor power, kW0,09
The maximum permissible temperature of the solution, °C50
Working volume of the bath, cubic meters0,34
Overall dimensions of the bath, mm1600 х 1100 х 1800
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