JSC TEMP Plant produces containers of different volume from chemically resistant polymeric materials manufactured by SIMONA, Germany, namely polypropylene PP, polyvinyl chloride PVC and polyethylene PE.

Tanks, containers and reservoirs are made from 500 to 20,000 liters with the necessary equipment and are used as collectors, reactors, tanks for neutralization and purification of galvanic effluents, as working galvanic baths, storage tanks for solutions and water, and other assignment according to customer specification.

Tanks are made with flat or conical bottom using the technology of rolling, thermal diffusion and extrusion welding on the modern equipment of the companies INGENIA, WEGENER, MUNSCH and LEISTER, Germany.


Please contact us to receive a consultation and get a quote based on your individual case +38 (067) 381-62-52

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