These equipment complexes are produced for cleaning of lines’ wastes of the galvanic coating (chromium plating, copper plating, nickel plating, anodizing of aluminum, etc.) by the combined method connecting reagent processing and purification of drains in the ion-exchange apparatus.

Our complexes are appointed to work with one or more galvanic lines and include the following equipment:

  • Collecting tanks of acid-alkaline and chromium-containing effluents
  • Capacity-collectors of concentrated solutions
  • Wastewater treatment reactors
  • Reagent preparation and dosing modules
  • Separate sedimentation tanks
  • Filter press for sludge dewatering
  • Ion exchange setting for wastewater treatment
  • Complex management system
  • Wastewater return system for reuse in flushing operations

Complexes productivity:

  • During the acid-alkaline effluents treatment – from 2 to 6 m3/h
  • During the chromium-containing wastes treatment – from 0,5 to 2 m3/h

Area occupied by the comlex: from 25 to 50 m2:

The composition of the complex, the volume of wastewater to be cleaned, the layout and scheduling solution and the degree of automation of the process will be determined by the specifications of the customer.


  • Installation for cleaning degreasing solution
  • Installation for regeneration of chromium electrolyte
  • Installation for the recycling of non-ferrous and precious metals from the treated solutions

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