Nowdays, powder painting is considered to be the most effective method of coating metal surfaces.

Thanks to the uniform application of any color paint on the surface, the perfect result of its coloring is ensured.

The powder painting line of JSC TEMP Plant is designed and installed by specialists of our factory and is indispensable for the finish coating of the surface of metal products.

The dimensions of the powder coating chamber are 2200 * 1700 * 4000, so it is easy to paint both small and larger parts.

Powder painting technology is quite interesting and multi-stage.


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Prior to coating, the surface of the workpiece is subjected to shot blasting in a specially designed chamber. This stage of surface preparation is necessary for even distribution of paint over the surface. It eliminates the remnants of the former coating and surface defects.

After blasting, the workpiece is placed in a powder coating chamber where the electrified pigment paint particles are deposited onto the workpiece surface. After settling the part is baked in the chamber at high temperature. The powder melts and forms a high-strength coating of the specified color.

Among the advantages of powder painting:

  • uniform application of paint;
  • wide color palette;
  • coverage of the smallest details;
  • increased resistance to shock and corrosion;
  • resistance to aggressive environmental influences;
  • short dyeing time.

Why powder painting is the best choice? Because you’ll be surprised with the result!

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