Estimated productivity of the line, m² / h, no less2
Line’s electric power supply – alternating current:
– Voltage, V380±10 %
– frequency, Hz50±1
Installed electric power supply, kW, no more50
Carrying capacity of the operator, kg (kgf)490 (50)
Speed ​​of horizontal travel of the auto operator, m / min15
Speed ​​of vertical travel of the auto operator’s console, m / min10
The amplitude of boards’ oscillation, mm40±10
The frequency of boards’ oscillation, double moves / min20±5
Line’s output time, min, no more120
Automatic temperature maintenance, plus ° C:
– in the degreasing bathfrom 40 to 60 inclusive
– in the etching bath from 25 to 35 inclusive
– in the oxidation bathfrom 60 to 70 inclusive
– in the air conditioning bathfrom 55 to 65 inclusive
– in the bath of cleaning the walls of the holesfrom 65 to 75 inclusive
– in the bath of neutralization from 20 to 30 inclusive
Estimated volume of air removed from the line, m³ / h, not less2500
Supplied tap water pressure, MPafrom 0,17 to 0,3 inclusive
Consumption of tap water m³ / h, at a pressure of 0.17 MPa, no more2,5
Compressed air pressure, supplied MPafrom 0,17 to 0,3 inclusive
Consumption of compressed air m³ / h, at the pressure of 0.17 MPa, no more10
Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm9 600 х 2 500 х 2 800
Weight, kg2000
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